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My First Blog (gulp)


As you may have read in my ‘about’ section, my name is Alice and I run a Facebook page called Crafty Love. It’s a page designed to encourage ‘up-cycling’, where crafter’s and craft lover’s can swap or give away their unwanted craft materials.

Yes! I said GIVE AWAY!

When I first had the idea for the page there was part of me that thought I was slightly crazy for thinking that anyone would want to give away their unused craft materials…..just to be nice?! But apparently they do! I was amazed when the page started to gain hundreds of ‘liker’s’ (these are essentially fans of the page, for the non Facebook users among us!) within it’s first week. In the first few days I had three separate users offering items to GIVE AWAY and they all agreed that it really does give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside!

Much to my delight, the donations just keep on coming and I now thank people for their generosity by ‘sharing’ their page on my wall. This basically means that I show their page to all my fans (currently 1,272 of them) which hopefully re-pays their kindness by helping them show off their lovely hand-crafted items.

I also have an almost constant barrage of swappers and sharers on my wall, which is lovely to see. I was very pleased to see a picture of a beautiful bracelet that had been made with items swapped on Crafty Love! It’s so simple to get involved, all I ask people to do is email me or post pictures of the things they would like to swap on my wall. I find out what they are looking for in return, then share their pictures with all my fans to hopefully find them a mutually beneficial swap!

The page has been running for nearly 6 weeks now and it really is developing all the time. I have two games which I regularly play on my wall, as a way of helping all my fans network with each other and also giving them a chance to show off their crafty items. The games are called ‘Giving Inspiration’ and ‘Crafty Love Kiss-Chase’. I’ve only played Kiss-Chase once so far but it was very popular (apparently my fans love to smooch!) and I’m looking forward to streamlining it and playing it lot’s in the future!

I have also begun to support two charities as a direct result of the page. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do and the opportunity has now presented itself. The first charity that I’m trying to help is Preemies UK. They are a lovely bunch of ladies who knit items that are then sent to 130 neo-natal and special care units across the UK, to help support the families of tiny babies sadly born too soon. I am actively encouraging my fans to DONATE any wool that they’re not using to this worthy cause. I frequently share their page on my wall.

The second charity I’m supporting is Harrison’s Fund. Now, this charity is close to my heart as Harrison is the son of a family friend. His parent set up the charity shortly after finding out that Harrison had been diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. Their courage has truly inspired me. I have decided to hold a charity auction to try and raise as much as I can for the fund. I already have lots of crafter’s on board who have generously donated their handmade items…so finger’s crossed! It’s the first auction I’ve ever organised so wish me luck!!

As part of my mission to encourage up-cycling I also invite people to share pictures on my wall of anything that they have re-created! I have had some great contributions and (once again) the page has inspired me to start blogging to spread the up-cycling bug! I will be regularly posting ‘how-to’ guides on how to have a go yourself! Some will be my own ideas, some will be from my fans and hopefully some will be from YOU reading this blog!

Think I better leave this post here as I do feel I have waffled on a bit! Looking forward to creating many more crafty blogs! 🙂 x