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My name is Alice Vinten and I’m a mum, a part-time worker and a crafter! I’ve tried most crafts, give or take, over the years but the one I’ve settled at and (hopefully) feel slightly talented at is Mosaic.

I am an avid fan of upcycling and am often caught pondering how empty Ferrero Roche boxes (not mine….honest) could be re-created into cute night-lights, or how I can use the pretty box of buttons my grandmother gave me. My husband is often rolling his eyes and exclaiming ‘What ARE you making now…and WHY?!’

Well what can I say……because I LOVE TO CRAFT!

It’s because of my love of craft that I’ve recently started a FACEBOOK page called ‘Crafty Love.’  The idea came to me after I posted off some of my unwanted jewellery to a fellow crafter. She re-creates old and unloved jewellery into new, fresh items. I knew she’d love the little unexpected bundle I gave her and it was so lovely to hear how happy she was when she got home and saw the package!

So…I got to thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere where we could all swap or give away our unwanted craft items to fellow crafters? I started the page on a Sunday night. By the next Sunday I had nearly 600 ‘likers’ and had already facilitated the donation of seven FREE items to crafters who were delighted to receive them! People were swapping craft items left, right and centre! I was so pleased with the response.

Now I’ve deicided to start a blog about upcycling through UK crafters. I want to give people inspiration about what they can create with the strangest of items (yes the Frerro Roche boxes will feature!) I want to encourage people who have old clothes, materials, magazines, glass, broken plates (I could go on) that look like rubbish to them but to a crafter…..well the sky’s the limit!

I’ve met so many lovely crafters through my page and I hope that they and you will enjoy reading my blog. I’ve never done anything like this before so….fingers crossed! 😉 x


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