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‘How to’ – Up-cycled paper wreath!

Hello and welcome to Crafty Love’s third ‘How-to’ blog. This time I have the pleasure in sharing with you a wonderful idea to make pretty paper wreaths.

I’d like to thank Ruth James for contributing this idea and guide, she really is a very clever crafty lady! 

You can find her wonderful handmade items at her Facebook page here (you simply have to see her beautiful rainbow button cushions):

She also has a great page where crafter’s can display their work for sale and where craft lover’s can buy quality handmade items:

Now let’s get crafty! 


Some paper, you can use old magazines, comics , books or even junk mail.

Glue, I like to use a glue gun.

A ribbon or some sort of ring for hanging.

A little sprinkling of imagination.


1) Prepare your base

Remove the cover of your chosen magazine or book (if you don’t have a cover just use a piece of card, cereal box card is perfect ). Fold a piece into a long strip and fold in half. Place a metal ring onto the strip at the fold and glue the folded strip onto to the cover. This will be used to hang the wreath. If you would rather you can use a ribbon or piece of string instead.

2) Make your cones

Make lots and lots of cones. The yellow pages wreath took 136 cones. (see pictures below)


Fold over from the edge and roll inwards.


Roll up until the whole page is rolled into a cone shape.


Secure cone with glue.

3) Form your wreath.                               

When you’ve made a few start to attach to your base. They will naturally form a circle so don’t worry about the placement too much.


4) Keep going! 

Now you just keep going until you get the look you are after. If you want to you can spray with a varnish to help the wreath last.




And there you have it! A gorgeous wreath! Would look great hanging above a telephone table in a hallway don’t you think?


You can get various looks by using different amounts and sizes of cones, as well as different types of paper. If you just want one layer of cones you can make a pretty flower or just add a spiral of paper in the middle to hide the center.  Cutting some of your pages in half will give you different sized cones. The smaller cones look great on top of the larger ones.

You can also try using lots of different things. If you tend to collect receipts why not make a mini wreath out of them? Just add a magnet to the back and use on your fridge. You can even use old photos! 


I hope you enjoyed this ‘How to’ blog. 

Please leave a comment if you did! Thanks again to Ruth for her contribution.

If you want to check out Crafty Love’s Facebook page for lots more up-cycling inspiration you can find it here:

Until next time! 🙂 x



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  1. Love it : ) can’t wait to try this out for my little boys room!

    • Thanks very much! If you like the blog’s so far you can choose to ‘follow’ me and you’ll get an email when I post a new one (I’m still a bit new at the blogging stuff!) thanks so much for your support x

  2. A brilliant tutorial! I am definitely making one fo these for my dining room with sheet music, to hang just above my piano! Well done Ruth, you always make such beautiful things!

    I love your page Alice, such a brilliant community and a lovely place to meet likeminded crafters.

    You both RULE!
    Big love ladies!
    Emma from Big Daisy Kiss Boutique. xxx

  3. I’ve added you to my Blogroll Alice. It’s looking great! Lovely tutorial Ruth. You are welcome to reblog my paperbead tutorial if you like and I promise that I’ll get a tutorial to you over the easter holidays when I’ll actually get a chance to do fun things again and have a bit of a breather from school.

    • I would love to although as I am so new to the old bloggin lark I don’t really know what a blog roll is or how I would go about reblogging you! =/ x

      • I’m still getting used to it. Only started in Jan and not done nearly enough blogs yet! To set up a blogroll you go to your dashboard and click on links. Add the link to the blog you like and select blogroll. It’ll then show a list in your right hand menu on your blog. Thanks for the reblog. I’ll send you another soon.x

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