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How to – Bits and Bobs Cushion!!

Hello and welcome to Crafty Love’s second blog!

This ‘how-to’ has been contributed by a lovely crafty Facebook page called Magpie. The creator of this page is Alex Hickman, who makes some lovely items out of lots of unwanted bits and bobs!!

You can find Magpie here

With this cushion design you will never need to throw away another tiny off cut of fabric again!

This design does take quite awhile to make but I promise its worth it, so gather up all those bits of fabric you can’t do anything with and start sewing!


You will need;

Off-cuts of different fabrics

Cotton fabric (old shirt or lining will work) 11×17 for this cushion, or your preferred size.

Lining fabric 11×17 (or your preferred size)

Two pieces of fabric for the back of the cushion 11×18 1/2 inches (x2) 



Sewing machine (this is for sewing the whole thing together, can be done by hand if you haven’t got a machine)

Inner cushion 11×17 (or your preferred size)

Embroidery ring (if not using one of these please ensure you pull cushion fabric taught while adding your fabric scraps)

Fabric pencil

1) Prepare your scraps and measure out fabric

Cut all your off-cuts up into small pieces. Try not to be too neat with this, you want all the pieces to be different shapes and sizes. Mix them all up and put them to one side.

Draw out the size of the cushion onto your cotton fabric, I’ve done a 17×11 but you can do any shape or size you want, remember to leave at least an 2inches around the edge! I find it helpful to draw a line around the edge of the fabric where I intend to sew, so that I can follow it later with the sewing machine. use your fabric pencil for this. 

Image2) Add your fabric scraps to the cushion

Place the fabric into your embroidery ring (you can do it without, but remember to hold the fabric taught)

Bring your needle and thread through the fabric from the back. Now fold an off-cut onto your needle until the whole piece is folded on (see pic above). This does not have to be done neatly! Put your needle back through the fabric near to the last stitch so that there is no cushion fabric left showing in between scraps. Pull the thread tight so the off-cut is secure.


Continue to do this until your whole template is covered.



The fabric will ruffle a bit when you take it off the ring. Don’t worry, once you are finished the weight of it will keep it flat.

3) Put your cushion together.

Measure your lining fabric out so it is the same size as your cushion measurements and pin it to the back of your finished off cut design


Measure out two pieces for the back of your cushion (same size as cushion) but add 1 1/2 inches to the depth on each piece and remember to leave a 1/2inch rim around the edges.

Fold your two backing pieces in half and place both on top of your off cut design so they overlap in the middle. (make sure the cut edges are on the edge and the folded edge in the middlw!) and pin everything together!


Now sew along the lines you made earlier. Trim the excess, fold it back the right way and Hey Presto!!

Your very own ‘Bits and Bobs’ cushion 🙂 


You can personalise the cushion however you want, I added a line of off cuts and a button tie. Happy making!

I hope you enjoyed this how to……brought to you by Crafty Love and contributed by Magpie! 

You can find Crafty Love Facebook page here, for craft material give-away’s, swaps and more up-cycling ideas!!:

Please comment if you enjoyed this post, it’s lovely to get feedback 🙂 x



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  1. Love this idea – brilliant!

  2. Lovely idea…….reminds me of a rag rug!

  3. Wonderful idea , I really hate not being able to use all those scraps. Thank you

  4. Did you actually make this? It must have taken you ages!!! It is certainly a good way to use all the left over pieces of fabric from other craft projects. Thanks for sharing.

    • The cushion was made by the lady from Magpie who contributed the post! I made the first one (the night-light) and I’m definitely going to be making one of the wreaths! Thanks for the comment 🙂 x

  5. this looks fab, I am going to try once I have some more scraps of fabric. Thank you x

  6. Hello its alex from Magpie, love that you all liked it ! And yes Victoria it took me ages! About 24 or so hours just to sew the pieces on, worth it I think tho ; ) x

  7. This is brilliant. I’m going to have a go at this – perfect to do when I’m sat waiting outside kids singing classes!


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